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Software Factory

Components Development

We determine the logical structure of components, and maximize the quality of components in terms of completeness, consistency and correctness to deal with design constraints and to conform to the database and information architectures.

We offer:
  • Component Development based on specifications
  • Component Development from the ground up
  • System integration
  • Modular systems

The need to integrate and make the platforms inter-operable has primarily evolved from the fact that the customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. Most enterprise systems need to be connected in some way to other systems, either inside the company or with the trading partners over the Internet. In most cases, the new demands make integration essential. Thus the development of Component Software focuses on building large software applications by integrating previously existing software components.Integration can reduce the time taken to make information available. It can also reduce costs. Rather than replace existing systems, integration can be used to link them. The foundation of this approach is the assumption that certain parts of large software systems should be written once rather than many times, and that common parts of large software systems should be assembled through reuse rather than rewritten all over again.

Advantages of Components Development

  • Component Software Development alters development emphasis to compose software systems
  • This increases the flexibility of systems, trims down the software development, maintenance cost and time
  • Emergence of component integration technology enhancing efficient performance
  • Reuse of existing software is possible

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Worldwide Development, we work with a large group of technologies to interact with you:

  • Traditional phone
  • Skype (VoIP)
  • MSN Messenger (and others IMS)
  • E-mail
  • Web-based Project Management System
We offer:
  • A Team of Experts
  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Advanced Technology
  • Commitment and Responsability
  • Quality and Performance
  • Low Solution Costs
  • Fast ROI

Software Development Center

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