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Integral Solution For Your Business Management

It is a fact, all business themselves get to be dependent, in an incremental manner, of the rapid electronic interactions (through clients, partners, employees and providers). As the technological field becomes more and more complex, information progressively becomes hard to handle and process. Thus, 2AG Software Factory presents a whole and integral solution for your business, it does allow you to manage on demand both inner and outer processes.

The necessity for integrating platforms and making them inter-operables was conceived mainly because of the fact that consumers are the last ones who receive benefits. Many Enterprise Systems need to get connected, in a way, to some other systems, either within the company itself, or with external partners all along Internet for instance. In many cases the new demands make of this an essential integration. This way, an integral system, running along the company's main support, is required. Integration, may reduce the time which takes a certain information to be available. It also may reduce expenditures

We offer:
  • Commercial Management (SmartBiz Sales)
    • Manage efficiently the strength of your sales; detect market opportunities; keep a commercial tracking on your projects.
  • Project Management (SmartBiz Project)
    • Manage your projects, resources and work teams with this collaboration tool.
  • Document Management (SmartBiz Library)
    • Organize all your digital documents in a library; plus, share them with the whole company.
  • Idea Management (SmartBiz Brainstorm)
    • Pick up all the ideas flowing through your company, paste them in the discussion board and track them until they are implemented.

Commercial Management (SmartBiz Sales)

  • Full e-mail Management
  • Tracking of Projects and Opportunities
  • Accounts Management (clients, providers, partners, etc.)
  • Contact Management
  • Whole Tasks Agenda
  • Annotations and Commentaries in all objects
  • AD Marketing Management (Telemarketing, mailing, e-marketing, etc.)

Project Management (SmartBiz Project)

  • Management of a non defined amount of Projects
  • Management of Work-groups
  • Assignment of Projects and Tasks to Persons
  • Full Tracking of Incidencies and Tickets
  • Control of Coming/Leaving of Personnel Staff
  • Whole Tasks Agenda
  • Management and Assignment of Shared Digital Resources (documents, pictures, etc.)
  • Reports of projects performance and current position

Document Management (SmartBiz Library)

  • Documents/Folders Management
  • Documents/Folders based Access Control
  • Easy download/upload of Documents
  • Management of Versionning and Archiving
  • Rapid Access to most used Documents/Folders

Idea Management (SmartBiz Brainstorm)

  • Whole Ideas Management
  • Debate Forums
  • Ideas/Topics Tracking
  • Voting System
  • Common Functions

    • Whole Administration with back-end
    • Easy Web Interface
    • Backup Management
    • Role based Access Control
    • Dashboard with Information Abstract

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Worldwide Development, we work with a large group of technologies to interact with you:

  • Traditional phone
  • Skype (VoIP)
  • MSN Messenger (and others IMS)
  • E-mail
  • Web-based Project Management System
We offer:
  • A Team of Experts
  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Advanced Technology
  • Commitment and Responsability
  • Quality and Performance
  • Low Solution Costs
  • Fast ROI

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